Book Number: 4
Type: Stone
Gender: Male
Evolves from: None
Evolves to: Gremor
Hit Points: Onestar
Dexterity: Threestar
Jump Ability: Threestar
Special: Fourstar

Grem is a Fairy of Stone, and one of the three starter fairies the player can choose from Rufus' house at the beginning of ZanZarah. He evolves into Gremor at level 30.

Book of Fairies entryEdit

Grems are beings which can mainly be found in stone deserts, but also in big rocks in Zanzarah. These strong beings are cowardly at first, but their courage grows with their success.


Securest location to find one is in on the stone at the far right side of the bonus cliff accessible from the The Enchanted Forest before reaching the Hut in the Forest.

Growth Edit

Level New Spell Level reached
0 ?