Items are used to heal fairies, catch wild fairies, or are objects needed to advance in the story.

Heal Items Edit

Heal items are used to heal fairies health points (hp), cure them from status effects, revive unconscious fairies or replenish their skill points. All heal items can be found as loot from fighting wild fairies, or in bags all around the world. They can also be bought from various traders.

Icon Name Effect Price
Small healing potion 38x38
Small Healing Potion Restores 20 hp 5
Medium healing potion 38x38
Medium Healing Potion Restores 50 hp 10
Large healing potion 38x38
Big Healing Potion Restores 100 hp 15-20
Healing herbs 38x38
Healing Herbs Revives an unconscious fairy with 50% hp 20
Medicine 38x38
Medicine Cures status effects 20
Mana potion 38x38
Mana Potion Restores skill usages 30

Special Items Edit

These items have special effects, e.g. allowing some fairies to evolve into different ones.

Icon Name Effect Price Location
Golden carrot 38x38
Golden Carrot Increases the experience of a fairy, so that only 1 experience is needed for a level up. 250 Bought in Tiralin; Found in several places
Garlic vaporizer 38x38
Garlic Atomizer Scares attacking wild fairies 40 Bought in Tiralin; Found in several places
Moulding magic 38x38
Moulding Magic Rename a fairy 40 Tiralin
Evolutionmagic of nature 38x38
Evolutionary Magic of Nature Evolves Pfoe into Taze or Tinefol into Tinerog The Cottage (basement), The Realm of Clouds, Ruins in the Forest
Evolutionmagic of fire 38x38
Evolutionary Magic of Fire Evolves Flagwin into Dracwin or Tinefol into Tinezard Catacombs, Dark Caves
Evolutionmagic of air 38x38
Evolutionary Magic of Air Evolves Tinefol into Tineves On the Peaks
Tools of the dwarves
Tools of the Dwarves Evolves Minari into Megari and finally to Gigarex The Realm of Clouds, Loot from Minari

Spheres Edit

Spheres are used to catch wild fairies. They can be bought in Tiralin or found all around the world.

Icon Name Effect Price
Silver sphere 38x38
Silver Sphere Used to catch wild fairies up to level 20 60
Gold sphere 38x38
Gold Sphere Used to catch wild fairies up to level 40 150
Crystal sphere 38x38
Crystal Sphere Used to catch wild fairies of level 41 and above 300

Runes Edit

Runes allow teleportation to different places around the world. They can be found or occasionally bought.

Icon Name Effect Location
Rune of return 38x38
Rune of Return Teleports the player to London Endeva
Rune of the fairy garden 38x38
Rune of the Fairy Garden Teleports the player to the Fairy Garden London
Rune of tiralin 38x38
Rune of Tiralin Teleports the player to Tiralin Dunmore
Rune to dunmore 38x38
Rune of Dunmore Teleports the player to Dunmore Can be bought for 5 crystals in Tiralin
Rune to the cottage 38x38
Rune to the Cottage Teleports the player to the Cottage The Fairy Garden
Rune of the dwarf tower 38x38
Rune of the Dwarf Tower Teleports the player to the Tower of the Dwarves The Tower of the Dwarves
Rune of the ice world 38x38
Rune of the Ice World Teleports the player to On the Peaks Ice Caves
Rune of the realm of clouds
Rune of the Realm of Clouds Teleports the player to the Realm of Clouds The Realm of Clouds
Rune of the cave world 38x38
Rune of the Cave World Teleports the player to Monagham Monagham
Rune of the shadow realm
Rune of the Shadow Realm Teleports the player to the Shadow Realm The Shadow Realm

Magic Items Edit

Magic items allow the player to interact with the world.

Icon Name Effect Location
Fairy card of nature magic 38x38
Fairy card of Nature Removes thorn bushes if an nature fairy is active. Misty Swamp
Fairy card of air 38x38
Fairy card of Air Allows the player to use magic air vortices if an air fairy is active The Great Tree
Fairy card of earth 38x38
Fairy card of Earth Removes boulders if an earth fairy is active The Realm of Clouds
Fairy card of fire 38x38
Fairy card of Fire Allows travel through fiery places The Enchanted Forest
Fairy card of psi magic
Fairy card of Psi Magic Detects other fairies if a psi fairy is active The Ruins in the Forest
Fairy horn
Fairy horn Awakens sleeping fairies. Catacombs of Tiralin
Seashell 38x38
Ocean Conch Discovers wild water fairies if used at the right places Dunmore

Currency Edit

Currency is used to buy items. Most items can be bought with fairy coins, dwarves however prefer crystals as payment.

Icon Name
Fairy coins 38x38
Fairy Coin
Crystal 38x38

Keys Edit

Keys open locked Doors or allow access of special dwarven elevators. They can be found or given from various NPCs.

Icon Name Location
Catacomb key 38x38
Catacomb key Tiralin
Key of the pixie guardian 38x38
Key of the Pixie Guardian From Lucius in the Cottage for finding 10 pixies
Rufus house key 38x38
Rufus house key From Rufus in Endeva
Key to the town hall 38x38
Key to the Town Hall The Fairy Garden - Waterfall
Key to the dwarf factory 38x38
Key to the Dwarf Factory The Realm of Clouds
Heavy iron key
Heavy Iron Key Old Dwarf Factory
Red bone key
Red Bone Key The Shadow Realm
Green bone key
Green Bone Key The Shadow Realm
Blue bone key
Blue Bone Key The Shadow Realm
Elemental key of nature 38x38
Elemental Key of Nature The Forest Hut
Elemental key of air 38x38
Elemental Key of Air Ice Caves
Elemental key of earth 38x38
Elemental Key of Earth The Tower of the Dwarves
Elemental key of fire 38x38
Elemental Key of Fire The Mountain World

Basic Items Edit

Basic Items serve no direct purpose. However, they provide access to parts of the inventory or other beneficial features.

Icon Name Effect Location
Fairie bag 38x38
Fairie Bag Provides acces to the fairy inventory The Fairy Garden
Book of fairies 38x38
Book of Fairies Provides acces to the fairie collection inventory
Pixie bag 38x38
Pixie Bag Required to catch pixies The Cottage
Cloverleaf Reduces blanks at Spell Merchants Tiralin
Quinlis staff of rule
Quinlin's Staff of Rule Quest Item The Realm of Clouds
Map of the fairy garden 38x38
Map of the Fairy Garden Displays the Fairy Garden on the map The Fairy Garden
Map of the enchantend forest 38x38
Map of the Enchanted Forest Displays the Enchanted Forest on the map Tiralin
Map of the misty swamp 38x38
Map of the Misty Swamp Displays the Misty Swamp on the map Dunmore
Map of the mountain world 38x38
Map of the Mountain World Displays the Mountain World on the map The Tower of the Dwarves
Map of the realm of clouds 38x38
Map of the Realm of Clouds Displays the Realm of Clouds on the map The Realm of Clouds
Map of the shadow realm
Map of the Shadow Realm Displays the Shadow Realm on the map The Shadow Realm
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