Book Number: 14
Type: Air
Gender: Female
Evolves from: Airia
Evolves to: Laticia
Hit Points: Threestar
Dexterity: Fourstar
Jump Ability: Fourstar
Special: Twostar

Luria is a Fairy of Air. She evolves from Airia at level 22 and evolves into Laticia at level 31.

Book of Fairies entryEdit

The slightly naive and headstrong Luria dances through the skies. Never losing sight of her goals, she nontheless often doesn't stop to think before agreeing to a fairy fight. Her ability to perform fast evasive actions helps her survive dangerous situations.


Growht Edit

Level New Spell Level reached Fairy hit points
>10 Air offAir off
11 Air offJoker offJoker off 92
14 Air offJoker offJoker off / Air off 108
18 Air offJoker offJoker off Air def / Air off 129
28 Air offJoker offJoker off Air def / Air offAir off 182