Monagham is the village of the dwarves deep inside the Mountain World. The player can access it after he has obtained the Fairy card of Earth. Jani, the wife of Lasse waits in one of the houses for her husband. She will give the Darbue fairy to the player if he helps Lasse. A spell merchant and a smith can be found here, who will sell different spells. A dwarf, who will trade his Violectra for Fathrael can be found in the first house upon entering the town. The Rune of the Cave World can be obtained in his house aswell. On the second level is the elevator to the Lava Caves, which can be opened as soon as the player possesses Tools of the Dwarves. However, the Elemental Key of Earth, Elemental Key of Nature and the Elemental Key of Fire are needed to operate the elevator.

Dwarf Smith Edit

Dwarf smith

Dwarf Smith

The smith is a special Spell Merchant who will sell all metal spells if the player shows him the Tools of the Dwarves.

Shop Edit

The merchant will sell items for crystals. Since crystals have no other use in the game the player could buy as many items as he can. However, trading coins for crystals at the dwarf in Tiralin is not advised as this would cost more than buying the items from a different merchant.

  • Medium Healing Potion, 3 crystals
  • Big Healing Potion, 4 crystals
  • Mana Potion, 3 crystals
  • Medicine, 5 crystals
  • Moulding Magic, 4 crystals

Spell Merchant Edit

The Spell Merchant in the Shop will sell fire and psi spells.

Old Dwarf Factory Edit

Dwarven factory

The old dwarf factory is a small building in Monagham. It can be accessed if the player possesses the Key to the Dwarf Factory. Quinlin the Dwarf Master can be found inside, aswell as several metal fairies who will attack the player upon entering the factory.