Book Number: 16
Type: Chaos
Gender: Male
Evolves from: None
Evolves to: Maulrow
Hit Points: Onestar
Dexterity: Onestar
Jump Ability: Fourstar
Special: Fivestar

Rasrow is a Fairy of Chaos. He evolves into Maulrow at level 35.

Book of Fairies entryEdit

Creatures of chaos, like Rasrow, are native to the Shadow Realm. Their sinister powers spread terror among the mythical creatures. Only very few fairies can prevail in a fight against one of these.


Growth Edit

Level New spell reached Fairy hit point
>10 C
8 C C / 26
11 C C / C 38
16 C C / C C 51
21 C CJ / C C 62
25 C CJ / C CW 71
28 C C CJ / C CW 78
34 C C CJ / C C CW 91