Book Number: 1
Type: Nature
Gender: Female
Evolves from: None
Evolves to: Viteria
Hit Points: Onestar
Dexterity: Threestar
Jump Ability: Threestar
Special: Twostar

Sillia is a Fairy of Nature, and one of the three starter fairies the player can choose from Rufus' house at the beginning of ZanZarah. She evolves into Viteria at level 22.

Book of Fairies entryEdit

Nature Fairies, like Sillia, get their energy from the living things around them. These beings hate being fenced in, therefore you'll only find them out of doors, under trees, in bushes or in the undergrowth.


Growth Edit

Level New spell reached Hit points
10 N / NJ 47
14 N / NNN 55
17 N / NNN / N 63
19 N J / NNN / N 69