Book Number: 12
Type: Nature
Gender: Male
Evolves from: Corgot
Evolves to: None
Hit Points: Fivestar
Dexterity: Fivestar
Jump Ability: Threestar
Special: Onestar

Symgot is a Fairy of Nature. He evolves from Corgot at level 29.

Book of Fairies entryEdit

Symgots are the perfect symbiosis of worm and fly. They are not very nice to look at, and the worm has the full spiritual control over the being. This way it defends itself against nearly every attack.


  • Unknown

Growth Edit

Max Hit Points: 492

Level New Spell Level reached
31 Nature offJoker offJoker off / Nature defNature defJoker def / Nature offNature off / Nature defJoker def
? (max)
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