The Cottage is a house in the Fairy Garden. The owner is an elf named Lucius who trades pixies for items. Other inhabitants are a spell merchant and a scarecrow (outdoors).

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Lucius Edit

Lucius will trade pixies for items. Every 5 pixies can be traded.

Spell Merchant Edit

The spell merchant in the cottage will provide nature, water and stone magic.
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Scarecrow Edit

The scarecrow can be found outdoors. After defeating 3 Rasrow the scarecrow will replenish the mana of all fairy skills.

Cellar Edit

The cellar can be accessed with the Key of the Pixie Guardian. Several crystals and Crystal Spheres can be found here.

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The following fairies can be found here:

A Box of Tricks can be found here. Inside the player can find one Evolutionary Magic of Nature.