Book Number: 2
Type: Nature
Gender: Female
Evolves from: Sillia
Evolves to: Boneria
Hit Points: Fourstar
Dexterity: Threestar
Jump Ability: Fourstar
Special: Fivestar

Viteria is a Fairy of Nature. She evolves from Sillia at level 22 and evolves into Boneria at level 31.

Book of Fairies entryEdit

Gentle Viteria spends her time in the dizzying heights of the trees. You'll only be able to catch her at inattentive moments and with much skill.



  • Max Hit Points: 450
Level New Spell Level reached
<3 N /N//
4 N N /N//
7 N N /N/N /
10 N N /N/N N /
13 N N /N/N N /N
16 N N /NJ/N N /N
18 N J J /NJ/N N /N
20 N J J /NJJ/N N /N
>23 N J J /NJJ/N N /NJ (Max)
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